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Australian company

Currently, work is carried out with the form factor of the «mint» battery, but, according to the management of the company, the technology can be scaled under any sizes, including those that are used for electric vehicles and energy accumulation systems. The basis of technology is the three-layer GMG graphene with perforation on the surface (SPG3-400), which has a «significant amount of flat mesopor (≈2.3 nm) and an extremely low ratio of O / C 2.54%.

It is no secret that today there is a significant proportion of lithium deposits, as well as the production of batteries is controlled by China. And this moment strains many, which makes it look for new ways to raw materials, technological and energy independence. New Australian development is just from this series. GMG guide directly says that «90% of world production and Lithium purchases are still carried out through # China, and 10 percent — through # Chile. We have all the aluminum you need right here in Australia, and it can be safely produced in the countries of the first world. «

And besides the fact that the Australian technology can end the dependence of the electric car from lithium, it can also give a practically «second cosmic speed» by the process of electrifying the entire spectrum of transport on the planet. Charging will occupy exactly the same time that now the gasoline gasoline is the C # of DVS, the range of the mileage will increase, increase the battery service time 3 times, and the battery processing is absolutely disappeared, since the recycling of aluminum is an elementary technological process.

GMG announced the conclusion of a research agreement with AIBN UQ on the development of graphene aluminum-ion batteries, and in accordance with the GMG agreement will produce commercial prototypes of batteries for watches, phones, laptops, electric vehicles and accumulation systems using technologies developed in UQ. GMG also signed a license agreement with Uniquest, the company for commercialization joint with the University of Queensland Development, which provides a GMG exclusive license for cathode batteries.

GMG promises to disclose information on the characteristics and development of graphene aluminum-ion batteries as the research and development programs are promoted.

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