Biden’s $ 2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Aims Strategic US Shift From Fossil Fuels

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On March 31, President Biden outlined an ambitious plan to transform infrastructure and energy in

The plan includes all the reform of power grids, the creation of roads, bridges, charging infrastructure, ubiquitous broadband Internet access, the reconstruction of water pipelines, the creation of new clean generating facilities. That is, in fact, now # Joe Biden is doing what # Trump declared, creating a new great America, only on new principles that Trump constantly ridiculed — electric cars, and, in principle, electrification of all transport, renewable energy, sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies.

One of the components of Biden’s plan is to create a network of offshore wind farms along the entire eastern coast of the country. It is planned that by the end of the decade they will give

Offshore wind power represents one of the most favorable opportunities for workers in the United States, as these projects require regular operation and maintenance. It has significant potential for the high-paying renewable energy jobs promised by the Biden-Harris administration.

Solar energy will develop just as actively. Last year, we told you how a new energy is created using the example of the #Navajo tribe.

At the heart of Biden’s plan is to create a national standard requiring utilities to use a certain amount of solar, wind, and other renewable energy to power American homes, businesses and factories. The plan also includes items on the development of nuclear, hydrogen and hydropower. The share of clean energy should grow every year, displacing coal, gas and fuel oil generation. This process in the United States will continue to accelerate over the next 15 years. The result should be a complete decarbonization of the energy, transport and utilities sectors.

Biden plans to ask Congress for $ 174 billion to increase the market share of electric vehicles in the United States and their supply chains, from raw materials to refurbished factories. At the presentation of his plan, he reiterated that he wants to create 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles by 2030.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm called Biden’s plan an example of «clean energy patriotism.»

It should be understood that the approval of this plan in the US Congress and Senate will not be without problems. Republicans and Trump supporters will try to put as many sticks in the wheels of the current US president’s plan. Underneath this, of course, there will be a whole «bouquet» of grounds — political opposition, misunderstanding of existing problems and rejection of new technologies, lobbying for the interests of businesses clinging to the old … But most likely, for the most part, Biden’s new «green plan» will be adopted and will begin to be implemented. This also happened during the Trump presidency, when the country actually split into supporters and opponents of the Paris climate agreement, and its supporters created «

Someone, of course, will ask the question — «What do we have with the fact that the USA is developing # renewable energy and # electric cars?» Will explain. Only a few days ago there was information that, for example, the state debt of the Kemerovo region as of January 1, 2021 amounted to 61.8 billion rubles. Kemerovo officials cite the following as the main reasons for the increase in debt: a reduction in tax and non-tax revenues to the regional budget, a protracted crisis in the coal industry, and the fight against coronavirus. I would like to draw your attention to the «protracted crisis in the coal industry.» And not so long ago, the President of Russia #Vladimir Putin

Everything in this world is interconnected. And it will not work to build an «oil and gas paradise» in a single country. You need to understand what is changing, and also change and develop, creating new technologies and production.

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