Bavarian super sports electric car Elegend EL1

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Global electromobility has given a powerful impetus to the creation of new car brands around the world. And it is not surprising that a new company has appeared in Bavaria, famous for its automotive history.

Elegend AG has unveiled its electric sports car, created in the style of cars from the 80s. Specifically, the creators of the electric car say they took inspiration from an 80s Audi Quattro. At the same time, of course, the car itself, from body elements to power filling, meets all modern trends in electric vehicle construction.

The electric car was designed by Markus Holzinger, founder of Elegend AG. Another Bavarian company is also involved in the work on the creation of the machine,

The EL1 has an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber monocoque. Retro-futuristic # 4WD sports car driven by electric motors

The controls and front panel are designed in a modern «digital» style. In the presented prototype, no physical buttons are visible. The dashboard is digital, as is the multimedia system screen. Also, what is now becoming mainstream, instead of classic mirrors, there are cameras, the images from which are transferred to two corner screens.

The first batch of supercars was released in a limited edition, only 30 pieces. The exclusivity of EL1 is indicated not only by its circulation, but also by the price, which is approximately

Elegend AG says they are currently working on two more models of electric vehicles. They will also be exclusive and limited to 30 pieces.

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