Auto Shanghai-2021.

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The next international auto show that opened in Shanghai has become the presentation of an electrified Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 car created by Cyrus and Huawei. The Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 crossover is not a pure electric car, but a plug-in hybrid, and compared to already existing hybrids in the automotive market is a very advanced version of such a layout. SF5 was designed by the Sino-Californian electromotive manufacturer Seres.

Cyrus Huawei SMART SELECTION SF5 hybrid is equipped with an electric drive system

Despite the fact that most urban motorists are hardly wind at odometer 100 km per day, and SMART SELECTION SF5 is connected, that is, a rechargeable hybrid, then they can be used during the working week as electric vehicles, and if you go to the weekend for the city, then Some time can be turned on and in the engine as a generator for an electric drive. Output power system

Yes, the giant of the Chinese and Asian IT and the mobile industry, Huawei presented not a complete electric car, but only a hybrid, and someone, of course, will ask what Apple’s advance is here. Everything is simple. While Apple only develops something in the electric car region, and with varying success for several years, Huawei has already created and offered the market for its electrified car, providing it with all branded mobile and cloud technologies for its own development.

And the running in technology in real application is always most effective. We assume that after a couple of years, Huawei will be able to offer a full-fledged electrocar clients, with many new functional, including autonomous driving.

The starting price of Cyrus Huawei SMART SELECTION SF5 is defined at the level

It should be noted that at #huawei has more than 60,000 outlets around the world. Among them, 12 are large flagship stores and more than 5,000 mid-level stores, with 80 million registered users worldwide. Having such a Huawei distribution network, having received experience with SF5, can start the same and #apple electric car at the right time when the American company decides to enter the market with a long-announcing its electrocarbon. Yesterday, April 20, Huawei published a new patent called «

Car, and mostly # electric car, this is no longer just a means of movement, it is already a truly high-tech gadget on wheels. But the main thing is that all the same electronic assistants were assistants without replacing a person.

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