Arabic electric car «Holy City».

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What only does not happen in recently in the automotive industry. It would seem that you can already get used to all kinds of unusual mixing of styles, technologies, alliances of various manufacturers. Well, let us recall at least the electromotive project of the company for the production of vacuum cleaners, I speak #Dyson. And it does not seem very surprising that the manufacturers of smartphones — #apple, #xiaomi, #huawei, and others took up electric vehicles and other electric vehicles. But no, there is still a place for surprise.

So, the other day officially announced a new car company

The crew of the company is the Palestinian businessman Jihad Mohammed, born in Lebanon. As stated in the company’s description on its official website, the company initially began as a division «

Jihad Mohammed worked this project for 4 years, and in its plans to create automotive production in Leban with a capacity of 10,000 electric cars per year. By the way, it is not necessary to be afraid of the name of the company’s creator or the name of his company. In fact, if you dig down, then initially jihad is the struggle with your inner disadvantages that prevent you with the approach of divine truths and live in harmony with peace, people and nature. So the desire for # Jihad Mohammed to create the production of a modern electric car in his homeland, it is an absolutely good thing, and in relation to people for whom jobs will be created and in relation to the environment. The only question is, will this # start up, or goes into oblivion after a year or another.

Personally, I adhere to the formula of Mao Zedong — «

Electric vehicles EV Electra have their own single brand. A little about the sense of the name of the brand itself — Quds. It is from the Arabic name of Jerusalem (al-Kuds) that translated into Russian, I hope not to make a holy city. And piety here is not only in the title, but also in the process of creating cars. As stated in the presentation of the company, the first prototype of the QUDS electric vehicle created a multinational team of believers.

Currently, the company has developed three models of electric vehicles, these are Laksheri # sedan Quds Capital ES, sports electra Quds Rise, and urban # taxi Ecab. All cars are based on a modular scalable platform in which, naturally, one of the central elements is the battery pack.

A distinctive feature of the first two models is a falseradiator lattice, created to remind the outlines of the dome of one of the Islamic shrines, the Kubbat Sakra mosque, the most famous Islamic temple located in Jerusalem on the temple grief.

Yes, it is really a somewhat amazing symbiosis of styles and images.

Quds Capital ES is a representative class lacker sedan, with a range

This sports electric car is created on the same platform as the sedan. He has the same battery pack. Range Depending on Ride Style

Here the body panels are created from carbon fiber, they are attached to a superfluous aluminum chassis for a skateboard with high-grade steel gain.

This sports electric car resembles the design of #Bugatti Veyron and Hispano Suiza Carmen.

ECAB is made in the classic, almost british style of metropolis. This is a purely utilitarian, working car. But his characteristics are quite decent for the future urban electric cab.

Range is

So far, more accurate technical characteristics of the manufacturer did not provide. In particular, it is not known what batteries are installed in the traction battery, which company Motor, Transmission and Power Electronics. I hope that soon we will find out. The company opened the book of pre-orders for its electrocars. And it was stated that the first copies will come to customers in 2022. We will follow.

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