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Now it has already become familiar to call any metropolis concrete jungle. Renovation, sealing of men and other «charms» make everyone have any little chance to leave for the city. And recently, or to «entangle the consciousness», or whether the owner of the perverted sense of humor came up with the definition of Kombing, as if by the new-fashioned calling, in fact, a new type of dormitory. Well, for young, this phraseology will come down, because many of them do not know what a dormitory is. But in coliving, they will quickly understand.

Recently architectural company

For apparent simplicity of architectural forms is hidden quite innovative, spacious and comfortable accommodation. At the first level there are technical premises and a garage, and above three residential floors are located. But the most important thing in this project is the use of energy-saving technologies and renewable energy, and this «cocktail» complements the «adjustment» under the landscape.

The house is supplied so that it is possible to effectively use insolation, both for the natural lighting of residential premises and for the location of solar panels on the roof of the house. In addition to the solar batteries, the project also avoids dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to a healthy lifestyle due to the inclusion of two thermal water pumps, green roofs (that is, a part of the roof of the house will be covered with green plantings), and a two-billing system of mechanical ventilation To reduce the number of microclamps.

Well, a bonus is still the opportunity to have his own small garden near the apartment. So, having all the conditions of urban comfort, it turned out housing, which gives the feeling of life in the village, although the house is really located behind the city’s limness.

This house became starting in the municipality. Local authorities want to expand the decisions applied in this project to new homes, creating spacious complexes, and, not sealing buildings in cities.

It is in fact that with our immense expanses, local developers are trying to shove as much concrete boxes inside the cities, instead of going beyond cities, creating projects like those described above in Switzerland. But if the ears and New dorms are built here, then someone buys them. I hope that over time, the majority will understand that the real life is possible only coming out of the shell of concrete jungle, and when using the entire spectrum of renewable energy technologies, energy-efficient technologies and # eco-micique.

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