Another record-breaking launch of Falcon 9 with Starlink satellites.

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Today SpaceX has launched another Falcon 9 launch vehicle, booster number B1051. And once again we are talking about the record of the space company Elon Musk SpaceX. Booster B1051 put the next batch of Starlink satellites into orbit, and this was the 10th launch and landing for this rocket.

Previously, B1051 delivered the first #crew dragon demo mission to # iss, the RADARSAT Constellation Mission, SXM-7 and six #starlink missions. Let us state — there is a record! Falcon 9 has reached the bar of 10 accident-free starts and landings. This is the first # launch vehicle on Earth to prove the effectiveness of the reusable concept!

After this launch, the satellite constellation of the Starlink network has more than 1500 functioning devices. And, based on the previous words

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Today’s launch with a batch of Starlink satellites was the second for the current month. The previous launch was made 5 days ago on May 4th. The Falcon 9 booster was then used, which had previously delivered Telstar 18 VANTAGE, Iridium-8, and six Starlink missions. That is, he has already 9 starts and landings.

And again, speaking about ongoing SpaceX projects, we are talking about records. For Elon Musk’s company, this is already becoming the norm. They showed that the booster can be reusable. It is technically absolutely possible, and absolutely cost-effective. Who can challenge SpaceX in this field? We are waiting for how they will be able to implement such a scheme.

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