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Dear readers, soon, in one of our subsequent materials, you will be able to learn about what stages, and what work preceded the launch of electric drives in Moscow, and about who first produced and put in the capital of Russia the first fast charging station for electric vehicles.

There were broken many copies about the electricians in Moscow. Many advocated the preservation of trolleybuses in the city, including those who later had to make the creation of infrastructure for electricians to maintain and use the power grid infrastructure for a new type of urban public transport, created in Soviet times for trolley buses. This transition was not simple, but it was inevitable. And it was necessary, without destroying, but transforming an existing system, create a new one. And it was made by engineers of the Moscow company, which specializes in electrical equipment, including, thanks to which Moscow Metro is working, # tram, # Monorails, and now # Electrobe.

The same team created the first in Moscow, and in Russia, the first fast charging station for electric vehicles. And it happened in 2012, at the time when even #tesla Ilona Mask did not promise to become the first automotive company in the world. We also discussed questions regarding Moscow Monorail and a high-speed tram, arguing the topic, the better to connect the outskin areas of the capital.

So, all this you will learn from an interview with Moscow developers and manufacturers of the relevant equipment that we will publish the other day.

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