America goes offshore

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As promised before the election, Joe Biden, the United States will adhere to a green strategy. The largest offshore wind farm project, Vineyard Wind, has been approved in the United States. The wind farm is located off the coast of Massachusetts. The wind farm will consist of

The project will begin generating electricity at the end of 2022, with full capacity expected in 2023.

In addition, the company is awaiting permission from the authorities for the construction of two more offshore wind farms on the offshore shelf with a capacity of 1,600 MW.

The state of Massachusetts last Friday announced another

Biden, unlike his predecessor, did not interfere with scientific and technological progress, but supported it. Trump supported fossil fuels during his tenure.

According to an estimate published by Energy Innovation, 80% of operated coal-fired power plants are on the verge of profitability and will be decommissioned. Construction of new ones is impractical.

Renewable capacity increase last year

But judging by the pace of development, this is just the beginning.

Renewables will account for 90% of new capacity growth worldwide.

All this says only one world and in particular # the USA has finally taken the path of renewable energy, there will be no return to fossil fuels.

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