Alia 250 eVTOL electric aircraft acknowledges military serviceability of the U.S. Air Force

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Beta Technologies, a private aircraft manufacturer based in Vermont, has received clearance from the US Air Force for its Alia 250 eVTOL electric aircraft to conduct flight tests on behalf of the military.

The interaction between Beta Technologies and the US Air Force is carried out within the framework of the state program Agility Prime. The aim of the program is to assess the suitability of advanced electric air mobility technologies for military missions. Previously, the participants in this program were electric

The importance of such technology for the US Air Force is, of course, not mainly in the environmental neutrality of aircraft with an electric power plant, but rather in noiselessness, greater maneuverability at low altitudes, as well as a radically lower thermal and radar footprint.

According to the roadmap for cooperation between Beta Technologies and the US Air Force, the company will initially provide the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) with access to its training samples and simulators. Also, the Air Force technical supply groups and the test center in Washington will join the testing. Tests should reveal all the features of working with this technique in various weather conditions, with partial damage during missions, as well as the speed of recharging the batteries.

In addition, dynamic structural analysis and vibration tests will be performed. The results obtained will form the basis for the next stage of testing in real flight conditions. An experimental prototype for the Air Force has already flown over a distance of 241 km. at an altitude of about 2.5 km.

The Army’s Agility Prime program, which is testing the Alia 250, is designed to accelerate the development and commercialization of advanced air mobility technologies for military applications.

Colonel Nathan Diller, Director of Afwerx, US Air Force, “Alia is the first aircraft to receive a certified airworthiness for manned flight. This not only opens up the opportunity to begin piloted flight tests under the direction of the Air Force, but also shows the high level of maturity of this technology and the high level of maturity of Agility Prime partner companies such as Beta. «

Aviation has always been part of a dual technology. But the main future market for #beta technologies is civil and commercial aviation. The company recently received a large order for 150 machines from #ups.

The #alia 250 is an airplane with five electric motors. Four are located on their respective wing pylons, two on each side. They are designed to provide vertical takeoff and landing, as well as accurate and fast maneuvering. And behind the fuselage is a pushing propeller. By the way, the device can take off both in a helicopter, vertically, and in an airplane, with a short run along the runway. Wingspan 15.24 m.

The company has also created its own proprietary charging equipment. The charging station has #ccs and #chademo charging standards. The quick-fit landing pad also has a charging and energy storage function.

As we can see, #electroaviation is no longer #fantastic, already in a real plane it has gone far from quadrocopters. The military also, seeing the interesting functions of such equipment for themselves, want to have it in the «garage». I do not exclude that by the end of this decade, the Air Force, airborne and special forces in many countries will have such electric aircraft in service, which will partially replace helicopters. Some of the vehicles will be manned, and some will be unmanned cargo drones, such as

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