Actual environmental and innovative aspects of Messages by the Federal Assembly of President Vladimir Putin on April 21

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On April 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to the Federal Assembly. The announcement ceremony took place in Moscow, in the Central Exhibition Hall «Manezh». In his speech, Vladimir Putin touched upon a number of current environmental aspects, and innovation in the energy field.

I will note that we constantly raise the issues of ecology and the use of innovative technologies that contribute to solving them. And frankly, earlier, some commentators, turning the concept of patriotism, and from loyal gusts, even accused us that these questions rise to «prick» power. Now at the highest level questions raised «

So, dear readers, we go faithful expensive, and today Putin’s message only confirms this. Yes, Russia has many problems today, and we will be honest, our country has never been easy to develop. But the development vector is absolutely understood. It is a decarbonization of transport, industry and energy, it is a recycling of resources, which many is called garbage, and so on. It is likely that because of the foreign policy opportuncture, we will not be able to be the country to be the leaders of these processes, but they still will be gradually developed, since

Tomorrow, April 22, President Putin will also perform on a climatic summit. We will follow this performance. It is likely that in his speech on him Putin will expand some issues announced by him in the message. Ecology and climatic issues This is not a fiction, it is an up-to-date problem that affects the # health of citizens, to the economy of countries, and in order to solve them, all the promotion of developments and the introduction of innovative solutions should be solved. Here and the # electric car, and clean energy, and # energy efficiency, and many more areas that today unites the concept # green economy.

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