According to the study, cutting down forests contributes to outbreaks of diseases

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Many naively believe that # ecology, or rather environmental problems are invented by the ecologists themselves, which simply earn on this problem, well, or even this is all just a tool in the hands of agents of influence and spies. And of course talkers for the electrification of transport and

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Even more concern is the fact that the results also show the increase in the spread of diseases in areas where reforestation is carried out. The authors of the article say that the planting of trees can also increase the risk of diseases,

Researchers used the World Health Organization, World Bank and Food and Agriculture Organization, among other things, to determine

Previous studies have shown the close relationship between the risk of diseases and proximity to ecosystems destroyed as a result of human activity. In particular, in Brazil, near the rainforest of Amazon, there was an increase in the number of cases of malaria because of the increased deforestation. Moran is concerned about the continuing deterioration of the state of Amazon. Since President Zhair Blantar came to power, logging and forest fires became commonplace.

By the way, remember the gigantic forest fires of the Siberian Taiga, the cutting of «black lumps», and the words of one of the governors that, they say, «let it burn, it is natural.»

«All who are engaged in the health of the planet are concerned about what is happening with biodiversity, climate and public health in Brazil,» says Moran. «Stress is growing there. Amazon is close to a turning point due to climate change, which is not at all good for the global # ecosystem.

If we achieve a turning point, the consequences will be very bad from the point of view of drought, fires and, of course, from the point of view of diseases. «

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