A network of charging stations for electric vehicles is growing in the Moscow region — plus 40 more stations

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AO Mosoblenergo, the largest power grid company in the region, systematically implementing the Electric Transport Infrastructure project, will open another 40 new generation charging stations in the Moscow Region this quarter.

According to the company’s press release, the growth in the number of charging stations is directly related to the growing demand for this infrastructure from consumers in the Moscow region. A change in the form factor of charging stations is also planned. Whereas earlier charging ports for electric vehicles were located inside smart street lighting poles, the next generation of charging will not be tied to them. At the same time, these will also be «slow» charging stations with a capacity of 3.5 kW, designed for use by residents of the region, either as night charging, or when they are at work.

From the very start of the project for the installation of charging stations in the Moscow region, this program was of a targeted nature, when charging stations were installed at the request of consumers, in the place where they need it and it is convenient. In the current quarter, charging stations will also be installed at the request of residents of the region in the courtyards of apartment buildings, at 40 addresses in 21 municipalities. Among them: #Podolsk, #Lyubertsy, Dzerzhinsky, Klin, Dmitrov, Shchelkovo, Lobnya, Balashikha, Solnechnogorsk, #Krasnogorsk, Istra, # Odintsovo, #Khimki, Krasnoznamensk, Elektrostal, Kolomna, Stupino, Yegoryevsk, Ramenskoye, Sergiev-Posad, Mozhaisk.

As we can see, #Mosoblenergo responsively and quickly responds to the requests of new electric vehicles in the region, placing charging stations where they are most needed now, specifically for the residents of the region. It is also important to note that the Mosoblenergo charging network is exactly what needs to be developed in the first place, namely the charging network at the place of residence for use as a night or «working» charging.

I believe that as the number of electric vehicles grows, the installation of «night», «slow» charging will move from the option of a point installation upon request, to the format of creating parking and charging sites, where electric cars of residents of urban quarters of Moscow region cities will charge their electric cars, while how they work, relax at home, sleep. And of course, night «slow» charging will have a corresponding tariff, at times

And of course, one of the most important issues when expanding the charging network is marking parking and charging places for electric vehicles with special markings and signs. If our # motorists have learned not to put their cars in places intended only for parking the cars of people with disabilities, then the places near the charging stations are usually occupied by # ICE cars. Here it is necessary to educate consciousness.

I am pleased with the growth in the number of electric vehicles in the Moscow region, especially in urban areas, and of course the prompt response to this by the regional network company. Each electric vehicle charging # an electric car on a charge, which was supplied at its request by Mosoblenergo, is charged with new thoughts and emotions of neighbors with ICE cars. They, seeing that electric cars are just as simple and convenient, and also economical, will also start purchasing electric cars. And this in the near future will have the form of exponential growth.

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