A giant balker with five inclined rotary sail comes to the sea

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From the Chinese shipyard in the near future, a giant balker will be released on maritime expanses (type of dry cargo)

Currently, #NorsePower is the world leader in the development and integration of rotor sails on ships of various purposes and displacements. Rotor Sails is an advanced fleet rotor technology, first presented in the 20s of the last century.

Naturally, the #rotor Sails can replace ordinary engines, especially on SEA Zhoushan classes. But they will allow an 8% energy component of the ship more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and, as a result, reduce emissions to 3.4 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent to the vessel per year.

Since 2012, NorsePower has installed Rotor Sails on five vessels — Timberwolf tanker (former Maersk Pelican), a ferry Scandlines, Ro-Ro ferry # Sea-Cargo, #viking Grace motor ship, and on the SEA Zhoushan balkk. On all ships on which rotary sails were previously installed, they confirmed their effectiveness in which fuel economy, which means that the decrease in emissions was at about 10%.

Rotary sails are a cylindrical screws with a diameter of four meters and a height of 24 meters. They are mounted on a specially platform that can tilt the sail if there is a need for a passage under the bridges.

This also suggests that in the future, ships can get rid of diesel engines at all, and rotary sails will be able to give more energy, and therefore speeds. Of course, in the maritime, an important point is the stock of reliability. And at the moments of the calm, rotary sails will be useless. It is believed that at this case there will be hydrogen or other (methanol) # fuel cells in the future ocean ships.

Sails are returned to commercial shipbuilding. Previously, you could already know about the use of turbo-sails (sail-wing)

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