52 seconds in the sky of Mars.

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Today, the electrical helicopter of NASA Ingenuity (ingenuity) was filled over the surface of Mars for this week. It was a flight that was supposed to prove that the first flight was not accidental success. As figuratively expressed in the twitter of the laboratory of the reactive movement, there was a dilemma — «

The second flight of Ingenuity above the surface of the crater Ezero was in time

According to representatives of # NASA, helicopters can become an ordinary element of missions on a red planet in the future thanks to innovative work ingenuity. The little helicopter and the team of his creators actually committed a revolutionary step, and worked out technology, which will only develop and scalable. It is likely that the following electric Martian drones will be equipped with not only lithium batteries, but also more energy-intensive nutritional elements. All other who will come to Mars with flying devices will be only the successors of this case, and copy and develop this direction, but # Ingenuity will always be the first, and this is already a row in history.

In addition to this, the instrument of Marshode #Perseverance (# persistence) also today demonstrated the performance of another technology. The onboard tool called Moxie («Martian experiment on the use of oxygen resources in place»), was able to generate oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. It also opens up for future missions, primarily manned, and for future colonists, the possibility of generating oxygen for breathing, and for the first greenhouses.

The duet of perseverance and ingenuity continues to delight with their successes discovering new opportunities for future researchers new opportunities and horizons. Well, skeptics and envious remains only to grit teeth. And in fact, you can actually spend on creation, and if someone does not like the success of Perseverance and Ingenuity, then do better, more interesting, and something more fantastic. For example, there are Gamornad and Ceres, there is Europe and Titan. # Tsiolkovsky said that it was impossible to live in the cradle all his life, that is, on earth, that a person should go further into space, mastering new worlds. So do it. # Ilon Mask walks on this path. Who is behind him?

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